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Features Of The Round Icons

  • Designed to convert
    The icons are designed in round and flat style. The circle has been and will always be the most complete and eye attracting shape. Coupled with simple and clear design, the message is (hopefully) conveyed instantly. Each icon is a flat illustration that can either be used in its circular container or as a standalone illustration.
  • Easy to customize
    The icons come in various file formats, which makes them very easy to use: PNG, SVG, EPS and Ai. The PNG files come in five dimensions (48 × 48, 64 × 64 pixels, 128 × 128 pixels, 256 × 256 pixels, 512 × 512 pixels). All icons are Retina Display ready and can be used in your mobile applications as well as in templates and themes.
  • Color Palettes
    The colors have been chosen with care to ensure maximum harmony when multiple icons are used on the same page. You can always change the color of the background circle in any icon to fit your design and product identity or just use the illustration alone and draw the circle with your own codes.

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